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August 2018 Monthly Giveaway

Posted on September 06 2018

August 2018 Monthly Giveaway

What's Happening?!

Hey Babes! In August of 2018 we launched our first #BabeGiveaway. And no, we didn't use that hashtag because I just thought of it. But we will moving forward! Sometimes the marketing genius comes out AFTER the fact. 

We decided to do this for a few reasons. For starters, it really helps us expand our social media following. The more people we reach, the bigger we get, the more we can do to help our community. It also helps us showcase our products and allows someone who may not have initially bought organic to test out the waters and hopefully fall in love! Lastly, it is so fun to give away items and watch the excitement build. We thoroughly enjoy the connections that our giveaways bring us. Our first giveaway was such a success we plan to continue this and see where it takes us ;)

First Time Go Around

For our first launch we utilized both social platforms, Facebook and Instagram. We received most of our traffic on IG and that is where the winner was selected. We also added some crazy additional rules to up the chances of winning, like tagging five friends and sharing the post. 

Moving Forward

Every month we will curate a collection of a few or several products. You can expect some fun stuff in each batch. We will announce the giveaway on both Facebook and Instagram, but Instagram will be the only platform where people can participate. So if you LIKE us on Facebook, be sure to follow us @BaeBluBeauty on the Gram to enter. The rules moving forward will be simple. Follow us, like the post, tag a friend. One entry per person. 

August's Winner 



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