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Our Push for Less Plastic

Posted on January 14 2019

Our Push for Less Plastic

New Bottle Adventure

It was in the late Fall of 2018 when we started discussing whether or not we wanted to change our bottles for our Lux Liquid foundation. When you're just starting out, our primary goal was to get clean beauty products into the hands of the masses. On a shoe-string budget, this meant using stock bottles offered by our manufacturer in order to stay competitive and price our products in a range that the everyday person could afford. To our dismay, the stock bottles were plastic and the pump was finicky. The original bottles were an airless pump system, which works great when it works, but not so great if the pump goes out. Sometimes the foundation would "spit" out and other times it wouldn't come out at all. We've gotten pretty crafty with the problem solving and troubleshooting with our customers to help make their pumps work again. But overall, I think it has been more of a pain for our customers and a headache for us. We needed new bottles.

The Great Debate

Paper or plastic? Just kidding. Plastic or glass? As we finished up our second year of business, we finally were beginning to scratch the surface when it came to economies of scale and knew it was time to change our foundation bottles. We started to look at new bottles and found a wide variety of options that would suit our needs. We could change over to another plastic bottle with a better pump, use no pump at all, or move to a glass bottle. If we moved from plastic to glass our costs would go up significantly. So we debated and weighed the pros and cons.

60 Minutes Special On Plastic

It was in December of 2018 when I saw the 60 Minutes special on the global plastic waste problem. During that special, I learned that our supposedly recycled plastic typically ends up in our oceans. This plastic, which is filling our environment, has started to degrade into "microplastic". These literally microscopic plastic particles become so small that it pollutes the water. Small species eat this plastic, bigger species eat them, and it works its way up the food chain. The science hasn't come out on the effects of this microplastic because it is a relatively new phenomenon. But the thought that I was eating plastic fish scared the hell out of me. The debate was over. Glass won. 

What Happens Next?

I called Mariah (Perry) immediately. I remember exasperatedly saying, "We HAVE to do glass!" and rehashing what I had just learned. She was one hundred percent on board. She had been rooting for glass all along. But what did that mean for us? It was going to cost way more. We realized that it didn't matter. Doing the right thing isn't always the most cost-effective. Plastic is cheaper than glass. Period. But it is also poisoning our Earth in a way that our children will have to deal with. We decided we didn't want to contribute to the problem. So we reached out on social media and asked our customers what they thought. Many of you said glass, and that you'd be willing to pay a couple bucks more for it because "the Earth is worth it". We agree.

In Process

We're currently in the process of having new glass bottles made. It is a lengthy process but we're through the thick of it. We hope to have our new bottles ready to go by May! And we plan to keep going. We hope to remove as MUCH plastic as possible from our products by 2020. Where there is a will, there is a way. And we will take strides to become as eco-friendly as humanly possible. 


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