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Silicone Eye and Smile Gummies

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Reverse signs of aging, and like, actually. Silicone gel patches are very sticky. When applied they create a microclimate between the skin and the silicone called occlusion. This helps draws moisture up from skin’s lower layers to the top, allowing the skin to hydrate itself. Hydrated skin is what reduces the appearance of wrinkles. The gentle compression of the patch flattens existing lines and prevents new ones from forming, ultimately reversing signs of aging. You'll see results in as little as twenty minutes, so feel free to use before an event for a quick fix. The real wrinkle reversal happens with consistent nightly use. 

  • 30 DAY SUPPLY - One set includes two individual half-moon shaped adhesive gummies
  • REUSABLE AND STAYS STICKY - Simply clean, set, dry, and reapply!
  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE - Naturally works with all skin types

Product Dimensions (patches): 3 inches long

Directions to Apply: For first time use, gently remove plastic film. Apply to clean, dry skin. Position the patches underneath your eyes, above your eyebrows, or around your smile lines. Wear while you’re sleeping or for a few hours during the day—whatever works for you! For long-lasting results, use BaeBlu gummies nightly while sleeping. Follow up with our Supersoak Serum 

To Remove: Wet fingertips to keep the gummie from sticking to you. Pinch the gummie from the middle and slowly and gently pull up towards the ends.

Care and Storage: Wash gummie with soap and water, shake excess water off and then lay to dry on a clean flat surface. Reapply to the plastic backing once dry.

Ingredients: 100% Premium Silicone Gel, LOVE.

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