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Core Values

    At BaeBlu our core values are simple. 
    • One Raindrop Raises the Sea: Every good deed, no matter how small, creates a ripple effect and makes a difference. Do one good deed a day and watch the world change for the better.
    • Be Fun, Free, and Fearless: Enjoy each day as it comes, live your life on your terms, and never be afraid to follow your passion.
    • Contribute to The Greater Good: Make every decision with the greatest good in mind.
    • Become a Student: Pursue a life of learning. Dive into personal growth and learn about subjects that matter to you.
    • Give Back: There are ALWAYS people who are less fortunate than you. Give back with your time, love, money, or skill set. When you give back, you have an abundance mindset. The more you give, the more you receive. The more you receive, the more you can give.
    • Gratitude, Honesty, and Integrity: Express gratitude for what you have, speak your truth, live your truth.
    • Stoked on Life: Wake up every day ready to live your adventure!