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The Founders



My name is Moriah Rader (Mo), I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and my best friend and co-founder, Mariah Perry.

Twenty years ago, Perry and I met on the first day of third grade. As all third graders, I walked into the classroom feeling a little sheepish starting a new school year. I walked around the room and found my desk with my name tag on it. As I sat down, I noticed a new girl with chin length hair was sitting across from me. She looked up at me with her big blue-green eyes, deciding if I was friend or foe. Then she looked down at my nametag and smiled. "Hey! Our names are the same but different!" No truer words have been spoken about the two of us as people.

We created our first business together when we were eight. We had our parents take us to the store to buy all kinds of string and we made friendship bracelets. We sold them to our classmates and became so successful that the school shut us down. Parents were complaining that their children were spending their money on our bracelets and not eating. Oops. We then created our second business together when we were nine. It was called "Fun In The Sun" and we offered nail painting services, massages, and rental space on my patio for people to come tan. We would provide the music and spray them down with water to keep them cool in the hot Arizona sun. We offered a fifty dollar punch card (with suns on them) where people could buy ten services and save in total. Our moms and their coworkers were our only customers, but this was before we were expert marketers. We created several other little businesses over the years, and we always came out on top. It wasn't until after college that we decided to go into real business.

We've always made a fantastic team because we are the same but different. Mariah is the realist, and I'm the big dreamer. My big dreams and her ability to create structure = world domination. Just kidding. But truly, we did create BaeBlu together to shake up the beauty industry. Our mission is simple: to make using organic makeup "so, like duh." In other words, we wanted to make buying organic makeup a no-brainer. This meant creating cosmetics that WORKED while keeping products affordable. 

We continue to learn along the way. Every challenge provides an opportunity for us to get better. We are constantly learning, adapting, and improving. We have real, tight-knit relationships with our customers. We read your emails, we pivot based on your feedback, and we get ideas from your social media comments. When you call our company, many times you will speak to either of us. We care, A LOT. We're just two girls trying to make a difference in the world, and our relationship with you is what allows us to do that.


So, enough about us. We want to hear from you. Please reach out if you have any questions, concerns, ideas, thoughts, or other musings. We LOVE all the feedback. Relationships with people like you are what grow our business- so please connect with us if you need anything!

Mo & Perry