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BaeBlu is an organic makeup company. We do not sell flat irons. Somehow, our phone number was associated with Ninja Beauty. We believe they used our number as the contact information on purpose in order to mislead their customers. We began to receive a ton of phone calls inquiring about these issues, which we have nothing to do with, nor are we able to help with. We had to change our phone number because we were receiving so many phone calls about this scam.
We contacted our local police department in Tempe and they told us to contact Google. We tried to do that, but Google's help pages told us to contact the web host (or Ninja Beauty), who no longer have a website. We also contacted PayPal to let them know that our number was being used as contact information related to this scam. PayPal said they would look into it, but could not provide additional information about another user's account. We also posted on Ninja Beauty's Facebook page to let people know that BaeBlu is not associated with Ninja Beauty.
If we knew who to contact directly to report this, we absolutely would. It is very frustrating for us as a brand, built on trust and integrity, to be associated with a scam business.
We are so sorry that you were scammed. There have been several other people who were scammed too. We recommend calling your credit card company or PayPal and disputing the charge. We sincerely hope that you are able to get your money back. If you are able to discern who the appropriate authorities are to contact, please let us know.