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7 Healthy Beauty Habits to Start This Month

March 12 2021

7 Healthy Beauty Habits to Start This Month
7 Healthy Beauty Habits to Start This Month

It's the third month of the year, but it's never too late to start some good habits! Adding some healthy habits to your daily or weekly routine can improve your physical condition, mood, and even your appearance.

While there are an infinite amount of healthy beauty habits to choose from, we pulled together a few that are simple to incorporate into your daily life, and can help you improve your mental and physical well-being.

Switch to a natural deodorant

Standard deodorants can contain a ton of toxic ingredients that brands don't want you to know about. Talc, synthetic fragrances, and parabens can be found in traditional deos. Yuck.

Not to mention: antiperspirants work by closing up pores to prevent sweating, but in the process, toxins are trapped under the skin. Not good.

Ditch the toxins and try out a natural deodorant this month! Same effect on body odor, none of the dangerous ingredients. We've got two nontoxic deodorant formaulas: spray and push-pop.

For more on the benefits of natural deodorant, see our post on the subject.

Try some nontoxic beauty products

While you're changing up your beauty routine, test out some nontoxic makeup or beauty products! Best case scenario: you'll lessen your risk of deadly health conditions and allergic reactions, improve your skin, and feel good about going green!

Create a regular skincare routine

Regular care is über important for healthy skin. Create realistic morning and night skin routines and stick to them. If you know you don't have time for a six-step morning routine, exfoliate and add serums at night when you're not in a rush. Make your routines easy to keep up; you'll be more likely to do it!

Treat yourself to some self-care (daily or weekly)

Even if you don't think you need self-care, trust us, you do. Whether it's watching your favorite T.V. show, taking a bubble bath, going for a run, or just petting your fur friend, make an effort to care for yourself on a regular basis.

Come up with an activity you can do every day, and then a few that you'll take on each week. A daily activity could be as quick and easy as taking some deep breaths in the morning, while a weekly activity could be something more in-depth, like going for a hike.

Take your makeup off...every single time you wear it!

We know. Sometimes, you just don't feel like it.

Remember that your makeup is sitting on your skin, and for proper skincare, it should be cleaned off after use. Less pore-clogging, more clean-and-healthy glow.

Try some supplements

First, we'll say this: do some research and ask your doctor before adding anything supplementary to your health regimen.

Once you're good to go health-wise, taking supplements can definitely be beneficial, especially if your diet lacks certain vitamins or minerals. Take them as recommended by your doctor, and keep it up! You might notice a difference in your mood, physical condition, or even your sleep quality, depending on the supplement.

Wear more sunscreen

Protect your're stuck with it for life! Wearing sunscreen daily (or at least when you know you'll be outside) can help guard your skin from dangerous UV rays.

Still want some color? Instead of laying out or heading to the local tanning bed, try self-tanner for similar color results without the sun damage.

If you try any of these healthy beauty habits this month, let us know on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok. We'll help you celebrate your new healthy lifestyle!



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