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What's Your Perfect Foundation?

March 20 2021

What's Your Perfect Foundation?
What's Your Perfect Foundation?

Liquid, mineral, CC cream, powder... with so many to choose from, it can be hard to determine which foundation type is right for you. The good news? With all these options, you can really narrow in on a formula that's perfect for your lifestyle, makeup routine, and skin type.

Liquid Foundation

Application: Brush or makeup sponge

Typical coverage: Medium to full

Works great for: Full-glam looks

Not as great for: Oily skin, quick makeup routines

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Mineral Foundation

Application: Brush

Typical coverage: Medium, buildable

Works great for: Those who prefer a matte finish or have oily skin

Not as great for: Traveling

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CC Cream/Tinted Moisturizer

Application: Brush or makeup sponge

Typical coverage: Light to medium

Works great for: Dry skin (it's moisturizing), quick makeup routines, or a natural makeup look

Not as great for: Full-coverage

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