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  • Homemade Vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL)

    Oct 24 2018

    Autumn- Maroon Colored Makeup and PSLs Galore BaeBlu Babes are certainly not Basic B's. But honestly, who said that vegan Ugg boots, yoga...

  • Charity Update

    Oct 17 2018

    How It Works BaeBlu decided to donate $.50 of each full size product sale from September 1st- December 20th. If you want to support our c...

  • Pan Eyeshadows Are Perfection

    Oct 10 2018

    What Are Pan Only Eyeshadows? Are they different than the regular eyeshadows you sell? The short answer is.. kind of. Pan eyeshadows are ...

  • September 2018 Monthly Giveaway

    Oct 04 2018

    What's Happening?! Hey Babes! We had our SECOND #BabeGiveaway in September and it was a huge success. We gave away our Smoke Pencil, Blac...

  • Why Our Cheek & Lip Tint Is A Best Seller

    Sep 19 2018

    Who Knew A Little Tube Could Do So Much? Don't get us wrong. We love a fully loaded makeup bag. But many of us don't have the time (or ...

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