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All About the Round Lip Trend

November 03 2020

All About the Round Lip Trend
All About the Round Lip Trend

We've seen many different lip lining trends over the years. A crisp Cupid's bow was popular in the 20th Century, and large, voluminous lips have increased in popularity over the last decade. Today, it's all about a soft Cupid's bow and a round upper lip.

Rather than lining along their lips' natural line, celebrities, makeup artists, and influencers have been drawing across their Cupid's bow, creating the appearance of a nearly round upper lip. The style has completely permeated the makeup industry, so much so that standard Cupid's bow lips are almost a rarity.

The style has been popularized by influencers including James Charles, Addison Rae, and Kylie Jenner.

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