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Coconut Oil Cures ALL! But Really Though..

March 30 2017

Coconut Oil Cures ALL! But Really Though..
Coconut Oil Cures ALL! But Really Though..

A little more than a decade ago coconut oil wasn't popular, like, at all. I remember my mom purchased a gallon of this white greasy substance for about a hundred bucks and I didn't understand what could possibly be so special about it. Turns out she was way ahead of the curve and mainstream consumerism and knew a thing or two about the benefits. Thus begun my obsession with nature's most versatile oil. 

Whip up body butter and cure dry skin

My favorite mix is to literally get a glob of half melted coconut oil and throw it in my blender with some shea butter, cacao butter, olive oil and essential oils. Because it takes longer to absorb into the skin, I prefer to use this while catching some rays by the pool.

Help heal dandruff

Most people think that dandruff is due to overly dry or oily skin, stress, or changes in weather. The real culprit to dandruff is actually due to a yeast-like fungus called Malassezia. Everyone has it, but sometimes it gets out of control and the scalp sheds skin cells at a faster rate. You are left with those pesky white flakes EVERYWHERE. Coconut oil is a natural anti-fungal, and helps knock that crap off your head. So clear your Friday night plans, get a movie, and massage coconut oil into a clean wet scalp. Wrap yourself in a shower cap or towel and rinse away (with shampoo) a few hours later. Throw some tea tree oil in there for added benefit and smell!


Protect yourself from the sun?

I don't know if I would recommend this to my extra-fair friends during the the hottest part of the summer, but coconut oil does work as a mild sunscreen. You're looking at about a 4% UV blocking ability. While this may seem low for many people, it may be enough to help protect you if you have a decent tan. Regardless of what mainstream media says, you should still get some sunlight to help your body create Vitamin D3. So apply liberally and ease your way into those extended sunshine hours.


Remove makeup

So many people use petroleum jelly or some other less than beneficial product to remove makeup. Make your life simpler (and minimize your chemical load) by using nature's best emollient. Put a dab of coconut oil in your palms to melt. Gently move your palms and fingers in little circles all over your face, as though you were cleansing with soap. Proceed to open your eyes and find the Joker staring back at you! Get rid of said Joker face with warm water and your favorite cleanser. Then you're good to go! Natural products and fresh faced! 


If you haven't already, replace those pesky vegetable oils with coconut oil. If you're worried about the flavor, opt for a REFINED coconut oil opposed to UNREFINED. It has a much milder scent and taste. Coconut oil is so beneficial for our bodies and is absolutely delectable in coffee (blended). If you want extra creaminess add butter, but this is not a butter post so I will stop there.

Oil pull like a boss

Unless you've completely been under a rock for the last couple years, you know that oil pulling has been making its way around social media as the 'it' thing to do. So naturally, I did it too and with noticeable benefit. Apparently oil pulling increases gum health, freshens breath, and whitens teeth. As a non-consistent oil puller, I can definitely attest to these benefits, even in the short run. So try it! Melt a quarter cup of coconut oil in a pan and throw in some mint or cinnamon essential oil, mix well, and spoon into ice cube trays. Pop them out for easy early morning oil pulling. Make sure you spit it out in the trash or the toilet so you don't clog your sink up when the oil solidifies again!


Enjoy your coconut oil! Let me know your favorite uses in the comments below!


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  • Sheron: August 23, 2017
    Author's avatar image

    You write that coconut oil cures all. Can it help me get rid of dandruff? Or it is better to use shampoo, as advised here

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